• bashtools

    Bash tools involved in some projects like tcbuilder, pax2, paba...
    The toolls include functions for loging and automatically editing config files by scripts.

  • bin

    My personal tools

  • Campo

    Haussteuerung deluxe.

    Automatisation targeting stm32 controllers.
    • Periphery: Uart, SPI, CAN-Bus, I2C, DAC, ADC, IR, ...
    • Drivers: OLED-Displays, Sound-Generation, VOC-Sensor, IR-Decoding, Radio modules, ......
    • arena

      Handles "Platrform" class.
      Demuxes board pins.

    • Cordyceps

      Qt interface for Campo


      • mwidgets

        Special Qt widgets used in some projects on this page.

      • usartflash

        Flash application via USART.

    • libbiwak

      Hardware abstraction C++ library for stm32 controllers.

      Currently following MCUs/Boards are supported:
      • STM32F072RB (Nucleo)
      • STM32F103RB (Nucleo)
      • STM32F334R8-Nucleo)
      • STM32F4 (Discovery)
      • STM32L100C (Discovery)
    • liblepto
      General purpose C++ library for microcontrollers.
      Its not handling any hardware periphery; thats done in libbiwak.
      This library provides general libraries also usable on regular computers;
      • strings
      • ring-buffers
      • ques
      • log-handling
      • CAN-Messages...
    • libstm
      Basic library from ST for stm32 controller.
      The project mainly consists of scripts to optain sources from ST and build a static libray.
      It does not contain much own sources.
      Currently following MCUs/Boards are supported:
      • STM32F072RB (Nucleo)
      • STM32F103RB (Nucleo)...
    • Vagus

      Core application for microcontrollers.

      • mcpprog

        MCP25050 Programmer

        Programm custom CAN Id into MCP25050
        Not implemented yet.

      • steifomat

        Automatic indoor plant watering.

        The system consists of:
        • Small controller unit (no big periphery, STM32F303K8 Nucleo should be sufficient, up to 6 ADC channels)
        • Water tanks (e.g. 5l wine bottle)
        • Pump units with humidity sensor
      • temprec

        Records temperature in flash.

  • cometcrunch

    Qt frontend for Eurotronic PROGmatic USB Stick, the Eurotronic thermostatic head programmer.

  • delaco

    Description language compiler

  • hw

    Everything hardware related

    • Funt

      RFID CAN board

    • ledbar

      LEDs with shift-register, stackable

    • mui

      Small PCB connecting an Nucleo with an small LCD, buttons, leds, pinsockets for I2C, SPI, GPIO...
      Designed for adhock test setups for sensors etc.

      • horo
      • slonce
      • steifomat
      • stinkomat
    • switchbox

      "Zwischensteckdose" with integrated relais.

    • VL53L0X

      Test the VL53L0X

  • kwalletsync

    Synchronize KWallet (KDE Wallet) data between several computers/nodes.

  • libmes

    General purpose library. Development quite dead.

  • Mandelbrot

    Mandelbrot image inspecting tool for Qt.
    Very experimental state.

  • mmt

    Makefile Template System

  • account

    Account is a trivial digital wallet system. You have a folder containing one or more files containing your privat passwords, account data etc. . This forlder is either open or close. You have to open it in order to edit/see the content and it automatically get closed after some seconds....

  • PAX2

    Das Pax2 Projekt.

    • paba

      Backuping and Restoring stuff like mysql, subversion repositories, mail etc.

    • paxnet

      The physical PAX-Network

    • stellwerk

      Stellwerk is responsible for live-configurating of the nameserver in the "living thinclient system".
      A DNS-Query for specified sites is resolved to the fastest available node/server.

      Stellwerk is a subproject of PAX.

  • tcbuilder2

    "Tcbuilder2" is a toolchain (gnu) builder written in Makefiles.
    The main target are ARM bare metal boards (stm32-controllers) but there are also configurations for linux/GNU root-filesystems.

    Current Release 1.0.0:
    • GCC 7.2.0
    • GDB 8.0.1
    • Binutils 2.29.1...
  • timeclock

    A digital timeclock for qt.
    have an graphical overview over woking hours and coffee breaks.

  • Wurzel

    Loesung fuer Chrischtls Wurzel-Raetsel.

  • dummy

    A dummy project for testing redmine stuff

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